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  • Agriculture :

    The above Photograph shown are of Shri. Gonen Sengyung's Orchard & Vegetables garden which was started since six years.

    He started his cultivation by jhum and converted into horticultural orchard and vegetables garden. His total farm is now 1) Orchard- mainly Banana and Lemon covering 4 Bighas, 2) Vegetables like Brinjal, Lady's-finger & Bean covering ½ Bigha each 3) He also has a fish pond covering 1 Bigha 4) Wet paddy land 12 Bighas 5) Animal Husbandry like Goatery, Piggery & Poultry.

    His annual income from all source is about Rs.6,00,000.00 per annum and he still expanding his farm area.

    The above horticultural gardens are of Shri. Hrillal Hmar S/O Zinglal Hmar of Retzawl Village of Kapucherra Agriculture Extension Assistant under Elaka Harangajao Agriculture Development Circle Dima Hasao. The Farmer started in Jhum Ciltivatiion in 1990 and later converted into Horticultural crops like Banana, Pineapple Bettlenut, bettle vine, Sugarcane and till date he extended his garden upto 4 hacters. He now had a power sugarcane crusher and an ecco van which he earned from his horticultural income. As per interview with the Agricultur Development Officer he now earn annually Rs. 80,000.00 from Banana, Rs. 1,80,000.00 from Sugarcane and Rs.1,00,000.00 from Bettlenut & Vine and Rs. 1,00,000.00 from others crops.


    Medical :

    New initiatives for reducing infant death

    With the aim to reduce newborn and infant death in the district, the Sick New Born Care Unit (SNCU) has been initiated at Haflong Civil Hospital in October 2016, and New Born Stabilisation Unit (NBSU) at Umrangso CHC.

    Improvement in Health Indicators :

    There has been an improvement in the health indicators, in the district.

    Data source: HMIS report, Dima Hasao

    Performance of DimaHasao2013-142014-152015-16
    Total live birth412742234150
    Total Still birth374376251
    Total No. of infant Death144138107
    Percentage of fully immunised children75%70%74%
    Total no. of maternal death14810

    Opening of GNM Training School and Hostel

    The GNM Training School and Hostel construction is completed. This will help the aspiring candidates for GNM training of the district, to avail the opportunity to undergo the course in the district and after passing, add on to the human resource of the health department of the district. The first batch with40 students will be commenced sometime in the last week of February'2017. The building is situated in the campus of Haflong Civil Hospital.

    Achieving Certificate of Commendation in Kayakalp Award Scheme 2016-17

    Haflong Civil Hospital, DimaHasao has been awarded certificate of commendation in the Kayakalp Award Scheme 2016-17, bagging 5thposition amongst the 27 districts of Assam with 74 % score in state level assessment, for keeping the hospital neat and clean. A prize money amounting to Rs.3 lacs has been awarded to Haflong Civil hospital.


    North N.C. Hills Division, Irrigation, Maibang :

    Name of Work :- Construction of Rest Shed at Prasadimdik Village for the Year  2016-17 in Dima Hasao District

    Prasadimdik village is situated at one of the remotest area of DimaHasao District. The main livelihood of Prasadimdik village and other neighbouring villages is only traditional cultivation. A few nos. of Irrigation schemes are located in this area. Due to remoteness and bad road condition it becomes most difficult to reach this area. As a result, this area is still in a very backward stage and no new modern agricultural practices have been used. Considering the above facts, the Irrigation Department, under the guidance of Hon'ble Executive Member, i/c Irrigation, N.C. Hills Autonomous Council, Haflong, has taken up the work for construction of a Rest Shed at Prasadimdik village so as to use it for the following –

    1. As a meeting place for farmers of that area.
    2. As a meeting place for farmers with agriculture experts to take up modern methods of cultivations.
    3. For field staffs of different development departments to take rest while on duty for execution of works& survey etc.
    4. And also to be used as a rest shed for different inspecting and monitoring parties of Autonomous Council as well as of State Govt. and Central Govt.

    The Rest Shed has been taken up under state Plan for the year 2016-17which has been approved by Planning Board meeting held at Haflong. The estimated amount for construction of the Shed is Rs.7.00 Lakh and the work has been completed. Two nos. of Photographs are enclosed herewith.

    Sericulture :

    Success Stories/Achievements of Sericulture Department, Dima Hasao for Development of Website of Hill Areas Department

    Sericulture is an agro based cottage industry practised by rural people comprising culture of Eri, Muga , Mulberry and Tasar silk worm. In Dima Hasao district Eri culture is widely practised by the local tribes dominated by the Dimasa community.

    The Department of Sericulture, Dima Hasao district has been consistently taking its effort to upgrade and expand the silk industry in the district. For a sustainable development of the Sericulturists, the department is emphasising to remove the major constraints causing lower productivity and taken up programmes and activities accordingly. Against such effort the following two success stories of the department may be enumerated for the purpose.

    Augmentation of Perennial Variety Silkworm Food Plantation:-

    Special emphasis was given for private plantation without involving any Govt scheme. For this purpose input of technical knowledge regarding necessity of perennial and systematic plantation for sustainable silkworm rearing has been extended to SHG's and village rearers through awareness campaigns. As a outcome of this effort the SHG named "DANGSMAI" of village Berelangdisa, a traditionall Eri rearers village, came forward along with the villagers for raising Kesseru(Gunchur in Dimasa) perennial plant to avoid scarcity of leaves round the year. The department supplied the required quantity of kesseru seedlings to the villagers free of cost and under technical guidance of departmental officials systematically planted more than 1000 nos of seedlings at the vacant land of the village almost in every household not awaiting for any scheme with a determination to maintain the same of their own.

    Skill Upgradation Training and Introduction of New Technology of Eri Kniting Yarn Production:-

    A special drive has been taken by the Department for empowering at least 100 women through production of Eri Knitting Yarn- a new technique recently introduced in post cocoon sector of Sericulture industry. In this context the Department arranged a three days "Training Programme on Eri Silk Knitting Yarn Production Technique" with effect from 4th to 6th August, 2016. A total of 115 women from different communities in Dima Hasao district succees fully participated and completed the training and the skilled trainees are now producing good quality knitting yarn from eri cut cocoons and preparing Mufflers which are being sold through departmental Silk Processing Unit and the trainees are getting quick financial return.

    South N.C. Hills Division. Irrigation, Haflong :

    Strengthening of Harangajao Irrigation Scheme Under State Plan During 2016-17

    Harangajao Irrigation Scheme was commissioned in the year 1974-75 for creation of 224 Hect of potential. Originally the scheme was constructed as Electrically lift Irrigation Scheme by a lifting point at river Jatinga . The scheme was converted into Flow Irrigation scheme during 1998 by shifting location of Head Works in the other side after flash flood damaged of the pump house & its Steel aqueduct constructed over Daku Nalla.

    The scheme was neither modernised nor renovated for long period due to paucity of fund. Every year flash flood from the upside of Hills damaged the Head Works & its Canal network system to let it lost of some portion of potential of the scheme. The South N.C. Hills Division (Irrigation), Haflong has taken effort to strengthen major damaged structures of the scheme with the help of N.C. Hills Autonomous Council, Haflong . Accordingly, Strengthening of Harangajao Irrigation scheme has been included in the Annual Action Plan for the year 2016-17. Now , the scheme has been supplying irrigation water in the entire command area as per required demand. The works taken up during this financial year 2016-17 are (1) strengthening of Head Work with boulder sausage (2) Boulder sausage Protection works of Canal at different chainages & (3) Silt clearance of Canal.

    Name of Scheme: Harangajao Irrigation Scheme
    (Under State Plan During 2016-17)
    Name of Scheme: Harangajao Irrigation
    (Under State Plan During 2016-17)

    Tourism :

    A. Tourist rest House at Doiheng:

    Doiheng, a relatively new destination for the mysterious bird's phenomenon. It is located on the hilltop, higher altitude than Jatinga and about 15km from it and can be be reached by Jeepable road from NH-54(E) at Retzawl. Tourists or ornithologist can now avail accommodation facility at Doiheng. The Renovation work of Tourist Rest House was done in the year 2016-17 under State Plan.

    B. View Gallery at Umrangso:

    Umrangso is located 112km from Haflong, the Headquarter town of Dima Hasao district. It is famous for its hydel plant- North East Electric Power Corporation(NEEPCO) with dams over the Kapili river as well as for its Amur Falcon Roosting Hub. This gallery was constructed in the year 2016-17 under State Plan.

    Town & Country Planning :

    Introducation:- The town and country planning department is under the ministry of urban development govt. of Assam and under the administrative control of n.c.hills autonomous council, haflong.

    Activities of the Department : -Assistance to urban local bodies and implement the various developmental schemes, given thrust on beautification schemes for the upliftment of town area, economic development of the town funding by the state and central govt. time to time.

    The department implemented public need base schemes such as community hall, market shed, c.c. drain, retaining wall, c.c. approach road, public waiting shed, stone stepping, installation of solar street light etc. with the availability of fund.

    In this regard two nos. each of photograph is enclosed herewith for website development.

    Public Waiting Shed Near Donbosco School Haflong
    Public Waiting Shed Near Donbosco School Haflong
    Public Waiting Shed Near State Bank of India, Haflong
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