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Government Of Assam Hill Areas


  • Non-Lapsable Central Pool of Resources (NLCPR)

    Lists of completed Schemes/ Projects implemented under NLCPR & etc.

    1. Joysing Doloi Auditorium Hall under NLCPR in Karbi Anglong District.
    2. Kaku Basti Irrigation Schemes under NLCPR in Karbi Anglong District.
    3. Development of Tourism Infrastructure at Bagori Entry point of Kaziranga National park under NLCPR in Karbi Anglong District.
    4. Dikangshi Irrigation Scheme under NLCPR in Karbi Anglong District.
    5. Phangcho Basti Irrigation Scheme under NLCPR in Karbi Anglong District.
    6. Council Secretariat building under 13th Finance Commission.
    7. CEM quarter, Member hostel under 13th Finance Commission.
    8. KANCH factory at Manja under AHSIDC Ltd.
    9. KANCH factory at Deithor under AHSIDC Ltd.
    Name of the project/ Schemes (Ongoing Project)
    under NLCPR
    Estimated amount
    (Rs. in Lakh)
    1.Construction of RCC Bridge No.22/1 over River Diffolloo on Chowkihola-Panjan- Deithor-Malasi-Dirring -Kohora Road (CPDMDK Road) renamed Solonijan Chowkihola Kohora Road (Kohora PWD Divn)(2008-09)303.82
    2.Augmentation of Greater Diphu Water Supply Scheme (2008-09)2767.44
    3.Greater Bokajan Water Supply Scheme (2008-09)1003.87
    4.Improvement of BBDC Road at 31st Km (2009-10)4017.23
    5.Construction of RCC(a) bridge No.8/6 over River Dirring, (b)Bridge No.18/1 over Borjan © bridge No.19/1 over river Borjan(d) bridge No.23/3over River Donjan.(e) Bridge No.27/3 over river Kakosang,(f)Bridge No.48/1 over River Deihori of Chowkihola -Panjan -Deithor- Malasi-Dirring-Kohora road (CPDMDK road) (2) Construction of RCC bridge No.2/1 over River Kohora on Kohora bagori Rd. (2009-10)1138.37
    6.Langklangvong Water Supply Scheme(2009-10)596.47
    7.Development of Tourism Infrastructure at Bagori Entry point of Kaziranga National park (2009-10)329.57
    8.Deithor Minor Irrigation project (2009-10)222.20
    9.Construction of road from Hidpi to Lahorijan Goutam Basti Road(2010-11)485.41
    10.Infrastructure Development of Road Transport System under Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) part-1(2010-11)183.28
    11.Farkongchu Irrigation scheme(2011-12)1021.96
    12.Greater Dokmoka Tekelanjan water supply scheme for fluoride Arsenic/ iron affected areas from Dikrut(2011-12)1865.89
    13.Improvement of Ronghang Basti to Thekrajan Road (2011-12)1418.14
    14.Improvement of Lahorijian Gautom Basti Road (ph-II), L=5.50km from ch 9000 M to ch 145000.M(2012-13)517.35
    15.Kakubasti Irrigation Scheme (2011-12)871.65
    16.Phangcho Basti Irrigation Scheme (2012-13)952.69
    17.Construction of RCC Bridge No.4/3 on NH-36 'o' point to Horaghat Karkok Road at Kanki Engti Gaon via Monsing Rongchehon Gaon.(2012-13)220.56
    18.Augmentation of Donkamokam Pipe Water Supply Scheme(2011-12)706.64
    19.Langkhailu Irrigation Scheme(2012-13)1037.68
    20.Dikangshi Irrigation Scheme(2013-14)1025.76
    21.Greater Mahur Town Water Supply Scheme(2006-07)512.26
    22.Conversion of 100 bedded Civil Hospital to 200 Bedded Hospital with Construction of Staff Quarters, improvement and renovation of existing building at Haflong in N.C. Hills(2004-05)1119.81
    23.Metalling & Black Topping of Gujung- Maibong Road.(2009-10)640.80
    24.Construction of RCC Bridge No. 28/1 Dehangi Dyangmukh Road over Thaijuwari Nala & Langlodisa Nala (PWD) Road Haflong Division.(2008-09)355.00
    25.Improvement & Strengthening of Hard Crust Road from Liasong to Laike Border Road (L=30KM) under Mahur Road Division" in Assam(2010-11)835.29
    26.Construction of RCC Multistoried Auditorium Building attached to Haflong Govt. College at Haflong N.C. Hills(2007-08)230.21
    27.Metalaling and Black Topping of Assalu to Diduki Road including WBM(L=18 KM).(2010-11)639.57
    28.Construction of Home for orphans and destitute children at Haflong alongwith staff quarters including one Vocational Training center for children.(2012-13)298.48
    29.Infrastructure Development  Haflong Government College, Haflong(2014-15)1005.00
    30.New Zoar Flow Irrigation(2015-16)314.78

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