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Government Of Assam Hill Areas

Retained project under MoS

  • Projects/ schemes retained by Ministry of DoNER, GOI during the year 2016-17 under DIMA HASAO AUTONOMOUS TERRITORIAL COUNCIL (DHATC) Package

    Sl. No.Name of SchemesAmount in Lakh
    1.Construction of Community Hall at Dihangi Bazar under PWD (Building), Haflong Division300.00
    2.Construction of Community Hall at Digandu, Diyungbra under PWD (Building), Haflong Division300.00
    3.Construction of Community Hall at Nobdilangting under PWD (Building), Haflong Division300.00
    4.Construction of Community Hall at Mahur under PWD (Building), Haflong Division300.00
    5.Improvement of PGHJ Road from 19th Km to 74th Km (Umrangso to Dihangi) under PWD (Roads), Haflong Division3500.00

    List of Projects Retained by Government of India Under MOS Signed with United People Democratic Solidarity(UPDS) for the Year 2016-2017

    Sl. No.Name of the ProjectsAmount (Rs in Lakh)
    PWD (Roads)
    i.Construction of Road from Dillai Bazar to Mon Bahadur Tamang-Koilajan, Longvoku Model Village, Vokekaj to Manja at NH-36 (L=30km)3240.00
    ii.Construction of Road from Birola (Taralangso Tiniali) to Rongkimi near NH-36 (L=25km)4415.00
    iii.Construction of RCC Bridge over Bornewria river at Men Teron, L=40M345.00
    iv.Construction of RCC Bridge over Deopani river at Bahakangtui upper Deopani, L=50m411.00
    v.Construction of RCC Bridge No. 6/1 (L=45m) over Numbor river from BBDC to Rongkimi road, L=45m384.00
    vi.Construction of RCC Road from NH-39 to BBDC Road via Langmili, L=11km1262.81
    vii.Construction of Road with M&BT form NH-36 at Disobai to Batlok towards Thekaranjan, L=12km1500.00
    viii.Construction of Umpoo to Deori Tiniali Road via Longleethan upto Mulahin with cross drainage structure, L=14.50km1155.91
    ix.Construction of 2 (two) RCC Bridgse, Br. No. 4/1, Span=12m and Br. No. 8/1 SPAn=25m on Ulukunchi Amtereng Bazar (UAB) road.450.00
    x.Construction and M & BT of Road from Mokolium to Khatkhasia, L=12.75km931.00
    xi.M & BT and Construction from Umkhirmi, Somaton to Mukroh, L=11.50km863.00
    xii.Construction of road from Era gaon to Langchitung, L=27km2705.00
    xiii.Construction of road with M&BT from Chek Artu to Belending to Dera-Arlok, L=11.20km1600.00
    xiv.Khumraikora-Langardang road, L=18km1600.00
    xv.Construction of Deoritiniali to Deramukam road from 2nd km to 7th km, L=5km500.00
    Public Health Engineering
    xvi.Greater Umsowai Water Supply Scheme to cover from Romphoni up to Patalu1577.00
    xvii.Greater Sildharampur – Buraguhai Water Supply Scheme1507.00