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Government Of Assam Hill Areas

What We Do

  • Vision:

    Well being and all round development of people living in the Karbi Anglong and NC Hills Autonomous Councils with socio – economic indicators comparable to other parts of the country and sustainable development of natural resources of the two hill councils.


    1. To enable and strengthen the Autonomous Councils to discharge their functions efficiently under Sixth Schedule of the Constitution of India through policy support and interface with the Government of Assam and its departments.
    2. Provision of adequate funds to the two Autonomous Councils under various schemes/programmes for the holistic development of the Council Areas.
    3. To monitor the schemes/programmes implementation to improve the performace of programme management by the Councils.
    4. To provide policy framework for accountability including District Fund Rules for Finalcial propriety.
    5. Sixth Schedule to the Constitution Of India.
    6. Implentation of Provision